Crypto and Gender in the UK: Men Make Up 79% of All Crypto Holders Across the Country

The main financial news reporter in the United Kingdom, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), has released a study covering the connection between crypto and gender. The results show that men make up the majority of crypto holders.

How UK Citizens Feel about Crypto and Why

The FCA is a mainstream financial platform in the United Kingdom promoting competition in the financial market and an authority regulating the operation of thousands of financial companies all over the island. Recently, it carried out a research study of the crypto market in the UK.

The FCA has been reporting news and carrying on finance-related surveys for more than seven years already. As the crypto market evolves and integrates unto a greater number of areas of human activity, it has become very close to the world of finance, now often referred to as financial technology (fintech). The FCA has been keeping track of crypto since its arrival on the world financial stage and has recently expressed the need to start registering companies that work with crypto.

The authority recently carried out a study of the “typical consumer in crypto” to learn people’s relations to crypto, what assets they hold, in which amounts, and so on. The research results reveal that a little less than 4% of the UK population possesses cryptocurrencies, while over 5% of these people hold or have held them in the past. The FCA’s survey highlight that the figures demonstrate positive trends in dynamics.

Most crypto owners in the UK state that crypto assets are more like part of a game for them, while only a small number of people treat them as a real investment.

The survey categorized UK crypto owners by gender, revealing that most cryptocurrency possessors are male — approximately 79% are men, and around 70% are older than 35 years.

Of course, the winner among the currencies in the crypto market is Bitcoin. Approximately 80% of those surveyed said that they know Bitcoin, while the existence of a range of altcoins appeared to be a surprise for them.

Facebook, one of the largest social media platforms, announced the creation of its own cryptocurrency, Libra. The currency and the system haven’t launched yet, but Facebook has already managed to create enough fuss around Libra to make the coin second most known, as stated by Facebook’s research of coins awareness. Libra was second place in the awareness survey, surpassing giants such as Ether, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and others.




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