How to Accept Payments in BTC

Thanks to the dramatic rise in price, the coin with a stellar reputation has caught public interest. While large corporations invest in it, experts call e-gold the future of finance. No wonder businesses around the globe start accepting payments in BTC. By doing this, they make it clear they are in step with technological development. This will also be an important factor in the win over new customers. Right, but the question is how to introduce this virtual payment method into business? Let’s figure it out together.


Bitcoin Wallets

If your clients are a bit suspicious about online payment, the simplest way to start dealing with BTC is to send money directly to the wallet. But first, you need to create one. This device is nothing but English alphabets and numbers. You can create it on an independent platform or on crypto exchanges. However, we don’t recommend storing money there. You just need to register, get the wallet address (also known as the public key) and the private key that must be kept secret.
It will be less complicated if you provide a quick response code. Visitors just need to point a camera at it, specify the sum in crypto and sign the transaction using a private key.
Remember there are some wild fluctuations with digital assets, so always check the actual exchange rate on trusted platforms.

Mobile Apps

Aiming to optimize the Bitcoin payment, devs have invented special apps. The work of these programs is similar to direct transfers to an online wallet. The seller must connect the address to the app and enter the sum in fiat he wants to. The app will generate a QR code with the desired address and the sum for transfer. The client only needs to scan it with his phone and sign the transaction.

POS Terminal

The recognition of decentralized superorganism as an effective payment method has resulted in hardware solutions for retail outlets. They might have the type of BTC payment terminals or APIs that can be integrated into existing credit card terminals. For example, BitPay is optimized for the SoftTouch POS system.

Gift Cards

Although biggies like Amazon view virtual currency with caution, you can buy gift cards and convert them to magic internet money. Afterward, you can purchase the retailer’s goods or services.


Integrate the Payment Button

If you launched an online business, you can accept digital wallet payments by providing the client with a public address or QR code. Nevertheless, it’s desirable to take payments on your website with a customizable payment button.
There are services that share button generators. Complete a brief form and get the HTML code. Copy it and paste it into the website. Although this is a simple and straightforward process, it’s better to contact the experts.

BTC Invoice

This identifier includes the wallet address where people need to send money. Since the public key is a casual combination of letters and figures, it’s a great idea to include a two-dimensional barcode as well. This is all the more necessary when referring to paper invoices.
It’s worth noting that BTC services offer the opportunity to create suitable invoices. BitPay, Invoiced, Coinkite are the most striking illustrations.




BlackFort Wallet & Exchange solutions make Cryptocurrency easy for individuals, corporate clients & parnters

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Blackfort Wallet & Exchange

Blackfort Wallet & Exchange

BlackFort Wallet & Exchange solutions make Cryptocurrency easy for individuals, corporate clients & parnters

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