Women in Blockchain

One of the leading companies working in the sphere of crypto has decided to carry out a study. The aim was to determine how different gender groups feel about virtual assets. As scientists have found out, men are much more likely to invest in crypto projects.

What is the reason for that? It is impossible to escape the impression that people commonly use false standards. Perhaps women are limited by an old stereotype: everyone believes that the sphere of information technologies and everything related to the digital world is a male territory where there is no room for women. Analysts in turn have suggested that women are afraid to deal with something like electronic money (even though the fact that nothing is forbidden in this area).

Yet, the statistics prove that the blockchain and crypto sphere is not a “boy’s club” anymore. Cointelegraph found out that the number of female users has grown between 22% and 160% on the majority of top crypto exchanges since the beginning of 2020.

Revolutionary technology, just like virtual currencies, is just another tool for the current evolution of civilization. But women cannot get rid of their inhibitions and escape from the restrictions of the human psyche. This sphere is very tough. Weakness and self-pity have no place in crypto-focused and digital asset-based businesses. Therefore, women are reluctant to go to the sphere where they will constantly have to prove that they are equal to men.

The time has come now to change the rules of the game, for women to establish facts on the ground. They need to become more active than they are now. If there would be no attempt to act, men will finally take charge of the future of crypto.

Public opinion also plays a big part here. Despite the fact that we’ve entered the 21st century there’s an unspoken rule in many states. In many instances, women are not allowed to hold leadership positions and do certain high-risk activities. This lays down a negative blueprint on their behavior. They are not very keen to challenge stereotypes and claim their rights. The failure to deal with such vital issues has launched a vicious circle.

The crypto world and the technologies that are associated with it need strong-minded women. They can express a great many noteworthy ideas and guidelines. On the other hand, prejudices and weak motivation of women do not allow them to take their rightful place in crypto on equal terms with men.

The problem has to be addressed as soon as possible. Face it: crypto-focused and digital asset-based businesses are attracting more and more people and such a gender gap will not benefit us.

Luckily, there are innovative financing initiatives to encourage women’s participation in the blockchain sector. It is massively boosted. Blockchain-inspired companies are looking for teams headed by women. The aim: to bridge the gender imbalance and obtain funding. This is particularly important at the moment.

Here are some admirable (if not particularly mind-blowing) features of crypto/blockchain that will help to attract more women:

· First and foremost, cryptocurrency is all about financial freedom. They can bring what women haven’t seen yet but you probably need.

· New means of money and blockchain break the paradigm of centralization of authority. It’s a call saying “Stand up and fight for your rights”. Cryptocurrency and groundbreaking technology offer up-to-date platforms for those who are seemingly left behind.

· Capacity-building of all persons involved. While it might sound like a pipe dream, it can become our new normal.

· With digital assets and blockchain, everyone can get a voice. It will be heard without any discrimination. “Speaking out” about what’s happening in the ecosystem and beyond is empowering the voiceless people. This is the problem women have long been fighting for. The power of decentralization goes further, allowing those who live under despotic regimes to take their freedom of speech and ownership of their property — another slap in the face of inequality.

· With the additional income from investing or trading cryptocurrency and full control over your funds, you can potentially improve your quality of life.

Many people have limited access to banking services, which hampers their human development and their chances of achieving their goals for the future. Crypto and blockchain are changing that! They provide these people with access to financial services, as well as offer them a digital identity that empowers them and allows them to exist in society. That is a huge leap forward and a huge benefit for the regions, where socio-economic development is very low. A lack of access to the services that many of us take for granted is to blame.




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